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This page/ section focuses on my environmental engagements.

Engagements and projects (sample)

Since early 2018 I am a Happy Planet Professional.

IUCN: In March 2016 I was selected as member of the IUCN CSVPA Steering Group (initially until the WPA conference later that year, now renewed; this complements the webmaster work I’ve been doing for the CSVPA since March 2014. In May – June ’16 I facilitated online discussion of two motions ahead of the IUCN’s World Conservation Congress in Hawaii in September ’16. In July ’16 attended the ‘Expert workshop on the Recognition and Promotion of the Cultural and Spiritual Significance of Nature in the Management and Governance of Protected Areas, specifically World Heritage Sites‘ hosted by the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN) and organised by IUCN-CSVPA. I’ve also for IUCN researched and reviewed a number of  nature-related World Heritage applications (as the process is confidential I cannot mention which ones).

Islamic Reporting Initiative (IRI): since June ’16 I’m part of the Advisory Council, after being a member since 2015. Working on matching SDGs to Islamic principles and draft IRI/ SDG guidelines.

Permaculture International Research Network (PIRN): member, e.g. compiled info on ten key permaculture publications. Currently working on faith and permaculture summary and on steering group of some sub-groups.

GreenData: I was an early participant in the OU KMI’s GreenData project, a new project to capture, store and share power generation and use data from domestic renewable energy installations, including solar, wind and solar/ geo thermal sources for ‘real time’ use by students. Left it when I sold my house from which the project was getting data.

Facilitation & tutoring  I (co-)facilitated the OU’s Ecosystems MOOC on FutureLearn (from first FL course, to presentation in October ’16); I tutor on the OU’s U116 (Environment: Journeys through a changing world). I was a Community Faith leader in MOOC on wicked environmental problems on global environmental education. In June ’16 was given an Expert Certificate for my participation in the course. In September – October ’16 I was a community leader on ‘Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology‘ (EdX MOOC).

Islam & Peaceful Relations: speaker on Islam and environment (peace with ourselves, peace with out surroundings)Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations (CTPSR) at Coventry University is co-hosting a conference with the Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN) to explore the role religion can play in achieving more peaceful and just societies.

My background/ qualifications in environment (sample)

Permaculture Design Course (first half in July ’16; second half in August 2016)

Trustee: I’ve been a trustee of TreeAid (’12-’15) and Groundwork West-Midlands (’13-’16)

Post-Graduate Diploma in Environmental Policy (OU, 2008)

Affiliate Member of IEMA (membership number is 0044861)

Member of the Ecocentric Alliance, which is a global network that advocates for ecocentric thinking.

Member of Climate & Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) (profile somewhat outdated!)

I’ve e.g. been quoted in The Guardian and EMEL on faith and environment; in 2013 shared a platform with Satish Kumar at Malvern Faith & Science weekend; in 2010 was panellist at Radical Middle Way event on Islam & the environment. In May 2017 I spoke (in Spanish) in Huelva (Spain) on faith, education & environment and in August ’17 at Greenbelt (The Grove, on a panel on Abrahamic faiths and Creation care for common good).

… and on a tiny practical level, am also trying to walk some of my talk in converting my garden into a permaculture garden (now in transition having sold my house in part due to Brexit; now starting anew elsewhere: updates to follow shortly) …