{… part of Green Creation website refurb … this page will focus on humanitarian/ disaster management elements of my work/ focus. Of course there’ll be overlap with learning and environment. Apologies for the mess during this e-refurb}

I have worked in disaster management since early 2003, with the anticipated Iraq war, preparing for a post war humanitarian response. After a decade with a faith-based INGO (of course adhering to humanitarian principles; why is such asked more/ less for INGOs inspired by different faiths?), I worked full-time for a disaster management consultancy (combining it with teaching and consultancy at the Open University). In October 2016 I started a PhD with full scholar at The Open University with focus on Monitoring and Managing Globalization: Critically Investigating the Relationship Between Surveillance and International Development’ (an interview at the start of my challenge) with focus on ethical issues on new technologies in humanitarian aid. In November ’17 I’ve withdrawn due to continued uncertainty of Brexit for EU27 citizens.

Projects/ engagements (sample)

I subscribe to humanitarianism being open. I am on the roster of HumanSurge (click HERE if you’d like to join in too).

Since January 2018 I’m a trustee of Stichting Cosmic Fire, supporting the Native Indians in US Reservations.

In March 2016 I was accepted as volunteer in the British Red Cross Emergency Response team and in 2017 signed up to be a Community Reserve Volunteer; now Ready2Help with the Dutch Red Cross. I am also Coordinator Resilience for the Dutch Red Cross in East-Groningen.

In May 2016 I gave a RedR members talk on ethical and moral issues in humanitarian response. There’s a recording of this on Youtube. In October ’16, I participated in a mentoring training to be a RedR mentor (recently had a mentee who’s considering transitioning into the humanitarian sector).

In October 2015 I participated in a panel discussion on ‘Are you an Ethical Aid worker?’ at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), and Q&A. This was related to Hugo Slim‘s book launch of ‘Humanitarian Ethics‘.

I am an Associate member of Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR) and Associate Trainer with BOND (for course on International Development; get in touch with BOND if you’d like to host/ attend such).

Qualifications (sample)

PMDPro qualification

Sphere Training of Trainers (ToT)

INEE Training of Trainers (ToT), re education in emergencies

International Humanitarian Law (IHL) trainings (to top up my LLM; e.g. through Harvard/ MOOCs)


Study on the Impact of Counter-Terrorism Measures on Principled Humanitarian Action (UNOCHA)