This page focuses on sharing some of the projects I’m involved with in a variety of capacities.

Living The Change (part of GreenFaith – refresh in 2021)

Member of IntentionallyAct.

I have been selected to be a participant on the Sustainable Living Leadership Programme, organised by GreenFaith. As part of that, on Friday evening 12 October 2018 (during the week of global action) I organised a local interfaith event at the Buddhist centre in Veendam Himalayan Sorig. Free entry, but please do bring some (vegetarian/ vegan) food to share and some quote(s) that inspires you as to your relation with the environment/ Creation.

Surviving the Future

I’ve very much enjoyed being a critical reader for Surviving the Future – a shortened version of Lean Logic, with challenging food for thought comments on how (un-)stable or (un-) sustainable our way of life is and why so. Edited by Shaun Chamberlin post his death, the author is Dr David Fleming (1940 – 2010), a visionary thinker and writer who played significant roles in the genesis of the UK Green Party, the Transition Towns movement, and the New Economics Foundation, as well as chairing the Soil Association.


I’ve collated summaries of the ten most popular Permaculture books. I’m now working on an overview of different world faiths and permaculture and member of the Permaculture International Research Network (PIRN).

Global Environmental Education – transdisciplinary approaches to addressing wicked problems; I am the Faith Community Leader on this free MOOC (massive open online course), running from February to April 2016. The objectives of the course are:

  1. Define wicked problems and understand the need for transdisciplinary work to address wicked environmental problems;
  2. Become familiar with environmental education and related approaches;
  3. Become familiar with disciplines and sectors that can work with environmental education to address wicked problems;
  4. Contribute to an online discussion of course content as applied to different contexts throughout the world.

Nice to have been recognised for my input.

Soliya Connect Programme

I successfully completed an Advanced Facilitators Training to be a facilitator in the autumn of 2016 on Soliya’s Connect Programme. I have since facilitated up to 5 groups per semester. I am also a trainer regularly on the Advanced Facilitation Training (most recent: Fall/ Autumn 2022).

Perennial Collective

Perennial Collective is a collective of Muslims in the West, of varying ethnicities and sectarian persuasions, who are engaged in scholarly research around Islam and Muslims, and who are together exploring and elucidating what Islam means to them. I am glad to be a founding member.

UN Volunteer

Locally politically active (in NL: ’18-’21); Provincially politically active (in NL ’22- …).

Looking forward to support some worthy projects.