For me being a Muslim is something you are full-time, not just during prayer – in fact, prayer is intended to be a helpful reminder of what it means to be a Muslim the rest of the time (because God knows we can be a forgetful species) … depending of which chapters we’ve decided to focus on in our prayers, we are reminded to stand up for justice (even if against ourselves), to look after Creation (to see how we behave) … with that in mind, this page lists some opportunities to share your opinion, your voice, your skills:



Want to use Padlet?

When giving to humanitarian causes, Good Intentions Are Not Enough (and remember Islamic principle of ‘la darar‘, do no harm!*)

Voor nuttig nieuws als ZZP’er ben ik geabonneerd op ZZP Barometer

* short version of when the Prophet (PBUH) said: “’la darar wa la dirar’ or ‘Let there be no harm or reciprocating harm.” (Ahmad from Ibn Abbas (2719))


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