Develop your digital learning course

Reviewing my options around e-learning challenges, a few months ago I got reacquainted with Reda Sadki (I’d initially ‘met’ him on an IFRC pilot course). Due to some matters out of my control, I haven’t (yet) been able to reciprocate the focus and commitment he has for Learning Strategies International (LSi).

Now why am I telling you this? Because he’s the energy ball behind another exciting e-learning initiative: The Geneva Learning Foundation. In that capacity, in partnership with the University of Illinois College of Education and Learning Strategies International (LSi), they are pleased to announce an open access course to support the development of scalable digital learning. The course addresses the growing need for rapid, low-cost development of digital learning courses, a tangible sign of the ongoing digital transformation of learning, education and training (LET).

To read more and sign up (I’d highly recommend applying, and not just because it’s free), visit the Learning Foundation.


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